4 Steps to Get More out of your Production Crew

You are in a new city and have a tight production schedule.

You will need the best from your crew to make the deadline.

Use these 4 ways to get the most from your event staff.


1 – Have a Production Meeting – What, When, How and Where?

When time is short, the production manager might think to skip this step, bad call.  To get it all done, everyone must be unified and fluid during the setup. 

  • Speak loud and clear
  • Introduce yourself and assign leads
  • Be friendly but firm with expectations

2 – Provide Plan with Information – There are No Dumb Questions

Take 5 to 10 minutes of time and help the crew envision each step of the setup.  This helps your crew visualize the flow of the day and keeps them focused on their part.  

Make sure to provide these types of information:  

  • Scope of work and setup plan
  • Simple drawings and schematics
  • Setup schedule with time expectations
  • Breaks and meal times  

3 – Take Charge and Lead – Keep the Crew on Track

Jump in with the crew to begin the work and set the pace. Push a few cases, help organize the gear and bump elbows with the crew. By doing this, you communicate your degree of attention to the set-up and the level of quality you expect from them.  

Key things to do and keep in mind:

  • Always remember, safety first    
  • Speak up and be heard to establish your expectations   
  • Be mindful of event set-up sequence, avoid doing work twice
  • Avoid the wandering tech syndrome by having your leads sort the gear with the crew  
  • Smile and work to establish a friendly repertoire with the crew  

4 – Review Progress – See the Big Picture

Once the setup is rolling along, pause and assess development.    

  • Support your leads and stay engaged with setup
  • Communicate progress with the client
  • Work to keep setup in sequence and on schedule
  • Stay calm and friendly even when unexpected changes occur
  • Review areas as they finish to make sure quality expectations are met  

A production crew can only be as good as the management leading the effort.

Following these four steps will ensure you get the best from your production team.

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