Our Expertise

Building an Experienced and Compliant Crew

Experts in event production know that the final quality of the event depends on the ability and quality of the crew. It is also critical to make sure that all crew members are in compliance with state and federal employment laws.

The On Call Audio Visual Advantage

Experience Proven Team

We only hire crew members after we have proven their true level of skills and abilities. Other event staffing companies will often hire from a database of people they have no real world experience with. The On Call AV advantage is the we know and have worked with the men and women we put on your team. We only hire crew members that are experience proven and event production ready. 

State and Federal Compliant Crew

When building an event production crew, it is critical to hire all members in compliance with state and federal employment laws. Many event production companies are now facing serious financial liability because they hired their crews as independent contractors when the should have hired them  as part time employees. With On Call AV, there are no worries about future tax liability as all crew members are hired as part time employees with all state and federal employment taxes paid.


How we Build a Professional Production Crew

We follow a simple but affective 3 step process in building and delivering you a professional production crew.

1.- Crew Planning

2.- Crew Building

3.- Crew Management

1.- Crew Plannig

We begin the process by discussig your needs. We clarify what dates, hours and types of crew members you need and any relevant production information they need to have. Then we make a Crew Call Schedule with all positions, dates and hours in a simple and easy to understand format. The final planning step is to review your production crew estimate and answer any additional questions.


2.- Crew Building

Based upon the information you have provided, we go to work and custom build your event production crew. We consider what level of ability each position requires and then find the best match for your needs. We have a roster of professionals who have developed their skills with years of production experience. These are men and women that we have worked with, shoulder to shoulder, in the event production business. We know their level of skill and only place them in a position they are qualified to do.

After building your production crew, we send you a complete crew call schedule for you to review and to verify. We then make sure each crew member has all the dates, times and relevant information they need.